Friday, June 03, 2011

more from my bathroom series

Here I am a solid 9 months into service and stepping into the bathroom is still an adventure. 
The other day I lifted the lid to my clean bucket water to take my bath and wouldn't you know there was a frog swimming in it. So I took his picture, dragged the bucket outside, dumped him into the jungle back there, cleaned the bucket, refilled and started all over.
Today was a spider. A new spider I've never seen before. I just finished washing my hair, flipped my head up and there it was. Black, yellow, and ominous. I'm not sure if it is a good guy, or one of the good guys that could drop all 120 pounds of me in 45 seconds flat with just one bite. Those of you with fast Internet connection should find out for me. 
Had I not gone running this morning I would have jumped ship then and there, but I really stank! So I crouched down and did a weird Russian dance of a shower looking up the whole time. 
I managed to get clean enough and then bolted out of there, returning only to take bad pictures of it. I really need to use a flash but didn't want to get close enough to hold he camera still enough.
What a life, eh?

Ps. Thanks to my good friend MO I learned that I now can blog from my iPod. Not my favorite thing to type on, but pretty cool. So, sorry for any painful typos I missed. Also couldn't post the pictures but I will, promise!