Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hoodlums and other goings on

February 22, 2012
What to blog about when you haven’t blogged about in forever? Who knows?
My thoughts lately have been on my Grade 6 pupils. Honestly as much as I completely hate them as a unit (but not always) I am really going to miss all the characters that make up that unit.
Yesterday Jocelyn hit Xed right in the forehead. It may have been an accident, and it may have been deserved. The look on his face was that priceless shock, when he finally gained composure he said, ‘That could make me comatose.’ I laughed and was super glad I was able to witness that moment. Who are these kids?
I guess while I was in Manila last week to see the dentist they made the student teacher cry. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but I do know she won’t be teaching them. Which… ok.
So they are cute, and they are difficult, and I’m going to miss them. And apparently I’m going to be done with them sooner than I thought. Way back in January I wanted to have a sit down with my principal about my last months here. Today we finally had that talk. I walked in with all sorts of ideas, and she dropped a reading class on me. Drop isn’t fair. We’ve talked about it on and off but nothing has happened. But she dropped it in the sense that she said how about that reading class, starting March 6. Which is two weeks away. Which the school year ends the last week of that same month. I tried to explain this to her, and she didn’t care. I said what happens to the program when I leave. She said oh you have teachers. Which I don’t know why, made me feel 1,000 times better.
We are starting on that date (but I’ll be in Manila). Maybe all day, may half days. Either way I’m going to be seeing a lot less of those Grade 6 hoodlums.
I hope this reading program works, and can get started early next year. I think this will keep me busy to get on out of here.
I’ve been nagging more on the library, which I think is finally sinking in. It helps that the governor just gave us a computer. While I was talking to my principal about what can we do in these next 8-9 months they were installing Internet. Things take forever, but once they start they tend to fly.